The Little Things

Just got our new Fuzzy Booger Man Hair Products stamp and banner. This is a small thing overall, but it is exciting to see my brand start to come together. Fuzzy Booger attended a couple of local events here in mid-west Georgia last weekend and, although some locals who attended the festivals don’t seem to be very familiar with beard care concepts, most people really seemed to appreciate our approach to business. Clearly small town, rural festivals are going to be harder sells, but we will educate folks to the benefits of beard care products and introduce them to the opportunity to up their beard game. Looking forward to more opportunities to meet people face-to-face and hoping to build a good internet presence as well. 

If you use beard balm or beard oil, or if you have been thinking about trying it out, I would appreciate your giving Fuzzy Booger Man Hair Products a try. See my article Why Do You Need Beard Products to learn more about the benefits of using Beard Goo (Beard Balm) and Beard Oil. Visit our Shop to learn more about our product offerings.

Fuzz On!


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