Beard Goo (Butter/ Balm)

Beard Goo is the stuff that tames those wild, fuzzy whiskers and provides a light, manly odor that endears your hairy self to the fairer sex. These scents are carefully chosen for maximum manness. Nothing girly here.


Beard Oil

Beard Oil is the stuff that makes your scruff a bit more fun for ladies to run their fingers through. Like Beard Goo, it has a manly odor -- not that kind -- the good kind.


Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax keeps the lip hairs out of your nachos and beer. Fuzzy Booger Mustache Wax provides just the level of control needed to sweep that 'stache aside or stand it straight up or out.

Why Another Beard & 'Stache Product Company?

Aren't there enough beard and mustache product companies out there? Yes, there are. However, many of their products contain chemical ingredients that are unnecessary. Some are very expensive. And some just take themselves too seriously. My aim is to provide quality products, using the most basic, natural ingredients and provide manly odors -- the good kind.

Most of the beard balms, butters, oils and other products I have tried have either smelled flowery or had the sharp smell of tea tree oil. There's no problem with this as, I am sure, there are times when dudes want to smell like a boquet of flowers, but one of the things I feel we need is manly scents, not cologne, but manly odors like pipe tobacco, leather, bourbon and woody odors like cedar. I really like the product lines I have created. Hopefully, you'll like 'em too.

Our products have odors like:

Nekkid - Naked for those above the Mason-Dixon Line. According to the writer, Lewis Grizzard, naked means you have no clothes on. Nekkid means you have no clothes on and you're up to something. Well, you may or may not be up to something while wearing our Nekkid odor, but no one will smell you while you're doing it because this is our unscented product. When you want all the benefits of our products without the odors, choose Nekkid.

Gentleman - The smell of pipe tobacco in the study. You will smell like you should be wearing a smoking jacking while sitting in a wing-back chair next to a fireplace in a stately library stroking your beard while sipping on a fine brandy. This is a manly odor of a refined fellow, not some sissy, flowery, perfumy scent.

Biker - You can even smell like leather when you go to the beach in your cutoff shorts with your chest, back and facial hair blowing in the breeze with Biker scented beard products because these smell like leather and tobacco -- not the offensive kind either.

Cowboy - Pardner, you'll smell like you just rode in off the range -- in a good way -- with Cowboy scented beard products. Cowboy odor smells like campfire, tobacco, leather, cedar wood and sage. We left out the horse, sweat and B.O. and only kept the good stuff.

Duuude - Hey brah, even beach bums need to tend to their manes. With Duuude scented beard products, you will fit right in at the beach, or, if you're in the office, your mind can be at the beach thanks to the scent that brings to mind sunscreen and salt air.

Try several of our odors. It's always nice to be able to adjust your odor to your situation.


How To Use Our Products

How to use Beard Goo

  1. After a shower, blot your beard until mostly dry.
  2. Look at your awesome beard in the mirror.
  3. Flex a bicep.
  4. Open the Beard Goo container. If you have anything but Nekkid odor, take a whiff. Think about how awesome you are gonna smell.
  5. Use the back of your thumbnail to scrape out enough product to cover about half to two-thirds of your nail. This should be plenty for short to medium length beards. Play around with the amount. Start with less. You can always add more, but if you put too much in, you’re stuck with it until your next beardpoo.
  6. Rub the product between your hands to liquify it. When dissolved completely, apply to your beard starting at the base on your neck and working your way to your cheeks. Rub in well, working the goo into your beard down to the skin.
  7. After applying Beard Goo, comb or brush to style your beard.
  8. Flex one more time and admire yourself with your styled beard, you handsome hunk of fuzzy man.

How to use Beard Oil

  1. After a shower, blot your beard until mostly dry.
  2. Turn sideways to the mirror and take a look at your profile. Turn your wrist out and flex a triceps. Yep, that’s the stuff.
  3. Using the dropper provided in your Fuzzy Booger Beard Oil, apply 4 to 6 drops of beard oil to your hand. Spread oil evenly over hands by rubbing together. Take a deep sniff of your hands. Smell the awesomeness. Longer beards may require more oil. You don’t want to glisten. A little oil goes a long way.
  4. As with Beard Goo, start at the base of your beard along the neck line and apply the Beard Oil, working your way up to your cheeks and applying the oil down to your skin.
  5. After applying Beard Oil, comb or brush to style your beard.
  6. Face the mirror square-on and flex your chest and biceps. With your awesome beard, you are now ready for anything. Seize the day, my bearded brother.

How to use Mustache Wax

  1. After a shower, blot your mustache mostly dry.
  2. Look at that awesome ‘stache in the mirror. We’re about to step it up a notch.
  3. Using the back of your thumbnail, scrape about a pea-sized amount of mustache wax. Adjust amount according to what works for you.
  4. Place the mustache wax on your index finger and rub between your two index fingers until softened sufficiently to spread into your mustache. In cool weather, you may need to warm the tin with a blow dryer or run it under warm water for a few seconds to pre-soften the contents.
  5. Using your index fingers and thumbs, work the wax into your mustache, being sure to get good coverage down to the base of the hairs.
  6. Once wax is applied, comb through mustache with appropriate comb to assure even spreading of wax and removal of any clumps.
  7. Style your ‘stache to your liking.
  8. Fancy twists and up-dos will require more product.

Next Steps...

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