Beard Oil – Odor: Nekkid


Beard Oil – Nekkid

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Fuzzy Booger Beard Oil helps hydrate and tame that tangle on your cheeks.

With Nekkid Beard Oil, if you’re trying to be on the down low, your man hair product odor won’t announce your presence. Let’s say you drove your jacked up four-wheel drive to the woods, unloaded your 4-wheeler ATV, strapped a 50 cal. semi-automatic rifle with high-powered scope and 30-round magazine to the ATV and drove to the base of your 60 foot tree stand. While you’re sitting in the La-Z-Boy you mounted on the 12 foot by 12 foot roofed “tree stand” with the shag carpet, LP gas heater, 57″ flat-screen satellite TV and indoor plumbing, you will not give away your location to Bambi because of the flowery man-perfume you put on your face before the sun even though about coming up today. No sir. You will glide in under the radar because you’ll neither stink nor smell good; you’ll just be Nekkid.

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Nekkid, Gentleman, Duuude, Cowboy, Biker


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