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Just before heading out to Telluride Colorado for some skiing last week, I got in my new ball caps. Unfortunately, my Fuzzy Booger icon did not work out on the embroidery so we went with “hairy” letters FB for Fuzzy Booger. Despite not being able to use my icon, I am happy with how these turned out. Of course, I had to give these out to several family members for a little advertising and already need to re-order. I’m trying to decide which color scheme to order. So far, the brown has been very popular as well as the olive drab. However, I kind of like the blue and khaki too. These are available at my Shop. Throw one in your cart when you order some of our quality man hair products and be the first one in your neighborhood to sport a quality, authentic Man Hair Products cap.

Please leave a comment and let me know which color scheme you like best.


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