Fuzzy Booger’s Ingredients & Why We Use Them

Fuzzy Booger uses quality, natural ingredients in our products. Beeswax, jojoba, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and various essential oils make up our Beard Goo, Beard Oil and Mustache Wax. These are combined in unique ways to achieve the desired characteristic of each product.

Beard Goo (Balm)

Beard Goo needs to be spreadable, yet offer some hold. Primary ingredients of Beard Goo and Mustache Wax are solid at room temperature. When rubbed between the hands, Beard Goo liquefies to allow it to be worked into the beard. Once in the beard, it will firm up again, offering a degree of hold beyond that provided by Beard Oil. Mustache Wax remains more tacky when warmed between the fingers and provides a more robust hold.

Beeswax is a major ingredient in Fuzzy Booger Beard Goo. Beeswax and shea butter provide some hold, while also nourishing the beard and skin. Beeswax has a surprisingly high melting temperature—around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When combined with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and other oils, its melting point is lowered. Beeswax locks moisture into the hair and provides hold.

Shea butter moisturizes both the hair and skin and helps reduce hair breakage.

Coconut oil in our Beard Goo provides firmness to the balm and lowers the beeswax melting point. It also moisturizes and softens hair, reducing frizziness and breakage.  Fuzzy Booger uses refined organic coconut oil. This basically means that the coconut scent has been removed, allowing the other odors we add to stand out unaffected by the coconut odor.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil consists of jojoba, sweet almond and coconut oils. Each of these oils benefits the skin and hair in different ways.

Sweet almond oil offers a variety of benefits as a hair treatment thanks to its vitamins and omega fatty acids. It helps repair damaged hair and leaves hair with a healthy shine. Sweet almond oil is also good for moisturizing dry skin and helps with itchiness often associated with early stages of beard growth.

Although often referred to as an oil, jojoba is actually a liquid wax. According to Livestrong.com, jojoba has anti-inflammatory effects when used on the skin and it fights acne. Jojoba is similar to the sebum that our skin naturally produces. Applying jojoba helps nourish the skin and hair.

Fractionated coconut oil serves as a conditioner, just like refined coconut oil used in Beard Goo, helping address frizzy hair and reducing breakage by moisturizing dry beard hair. Fractionated coconut oil, unlike regular coconut oil, remains liquid at room temperature. This allows its use in beard oil.

Fuzzy Booger Beard Oil uses a blend of all three oils, combined with manly odors to provide a high quality oil that nourishes your beard and makes it look, feel and smell the best it possibly can.

Mustache Wax

One of the products I am most excited about is our Mustache Wax. I have used various waxes for years, but Fuzzy Booger Mustache Wax has just the right texture and hold for me. Mustache Wax is our only product that contains any animal products – lanolin. Nobody has to die to get this ingredient. Lanolin comes from the wool of shorn sheep. There is only a small amount of lanolin in the Mustache Wax, but it helps make the wax tacky. Additionally, lanolin is good for the hair. Like jojoba on the plant side, lanolin is a wax. Fuzzy Booger Mustache Wax contains beeswax, shea butter, lanolin and jojoba. This blend of ingredients results in a product that provides a good, tacky hold to keep those stubborn mustache whiskers in place.

A Word About Our Products & Beard Growth

I recently had a conversation with a young fellow who wanted to know which product he should use to grow his beard faster. I will never claim that our products will cause you to grow hair faster or thicker. At Fuzzy Booger, we believe that you should do what you can to create the best conditions for your body to do what it does naturally. By eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercising for fitness, hydrating and keeping your beard clean and moisturized you can create the right conditions for your body to grow a fine, healthy beard. However, our products will not cause hair growth. We believe beard growth depends on all of the above factors combined with genetics, age and patience. This is hard for some people to hear, but it is a simple fact. If you are trying to grow a beard, give it at least three months to fill in. Don’t be too disappointed if your beard starts slowly. It is a myth that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker. The only natural way to grow thicker hair is to let it grow.

Fuzzy Booger products will make the beard growing process more comfortable as the oil and balm will help reduce itchiness associated with the early stages of beard growth and condition hair, making it softer and more manageable.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Fuzzy Booger’s ingredients and potential benefits to your fuzzy face. Let us know your thoughts about this article. We welcome your feedback. And please check out our products.


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