Our Approach

At Fuzzy Booger Man Hair Products we strive to use responsibly sourced natural products. You won't find harsh chemicals in our Beard Goo, Beard Oil and Mustache Wax, only beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter cold-pressed carrier oils such as sweet almond, jojoba and coconut oils and carefully selected essential oils for our signature, manly fragrances.

All products are made in-house too. We directly control ingredients, production processes and quality. This is why I am confident that you will enjoy using Fuzzy Booger Man Hair Products.


Our Story

Fuzzy Booger Man Hair Products is my second career. I retired from the State of Georgia after working for 28 1/2 years in a variety of capacities ranging from law enforcement officer to director of procurement for a comprehensive rehabilitation hospital and lots of stuff in between. While working for the State of Georgia, I attended college and earned my Bachelor of Business Administration degree. During my first career I plotted and schemed ways to start my own business.

For about the last ten years, I have cultivated various levels of beard. I have had a mustache practically all my life. Shaved the 'stache once after I got married and my wife told me I had to grow it back because my upper lip looked funny -- too much real estate there apparently.

A while back I started looking for products to help me tame my "man hair" and there are plenty of them out there. The one problem I have found is that everyone takes their bearding VERY seriously. Run a quick internet search for "beard" and you will find any number of muscled and tatted male models giving the stink eye to something just off camera. I felt I could offer some levity along with quality products to fulfill a part of the market that may be under-served. Thus was born Fuzzy Booger Man Hair Products.

So, how did I come up with the name?

It was pretty simple, actually. Since I have been growing my beard, my wife has called me her "fuzzy booger." My pet name for her is Aggravating Beast. (We have a unique relationship.)

Meet the Team

A team of one. Supervised by my wife (Aggravating Beast - not pictured) and four furry staff.


Ed Friend

Head Fuzzy Booger In Charge

Retired from State of Georgia with 28 years of service. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Beard enthusiast.



Covert Ops



General Operations Oversight and responsible for designating appropriate break times



Chief Cuteness Officer and Shedder



In charge of snacks and assists with breaks

Next Steps...

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